Monday, December 28, 2009

Full Steam Ahead...

After a very blessed week of Christmas, Chad and I spent most of Sunday working on our wedding.  We are so excited that the wedding day is so quickly approaching but are also beginning to feel the crunch.  Yesterday we did, however, accomplish the following tasks:

- purchased sparklers for our exit
- purchased spray paint and ribbon to assemble flower girl baskets
- completed flowergirl baskets
- started on favors
- addressed invitations (with the exception of those who we do not have addresses for yet)

After yesterdays events I'm feeling pretty accomplished today.  Around 2:30 today I also got news that my wedding dress is in!  I'm a bit nervous about going to pick it up.  Not that it really changes anything but it sorta starts making everything really real, not that it has been 'fake' real before! 

We have proposed a revision for our Mason Jar design; here are a couple of pictures of a completed jar:

Tammy, my future mother-in-law has also completed the flower girl dresses (aside from the hem), here are some pictures of dresses:

We also completed the flower girl baskets last night that were originally gold baskets, here is a picture:

I think that's all the wedding updating I'll do for now...

Hope you have all had a blessed day!

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  1. you go girl..and yes it will be here before you know it..when you 1st told me the date, i thought you were crazy having it so far away.. now it so proud you have got started..keep up the good you sandy p.s. the jars are so little ava is going to look so cute in her pretty dress & cute little flower-girl basket..great job..