Monday, December 7, 2009

That's What Friends are For

Okay, so maybe I'm becoming a BIT addicted to this whole blog thing.  Being off work the past few days has probably assisted in the newly found addiction.  This will be installment 1.5 of the wedding party introductions!  Chad hasn't exactly signed up for this yet so I'll introduce his groomsmen for him.  :)

Growing up I never really thought I'd ever find a best friend.  I was always the 'third' friend.  You know the one that came along after.  Every time I thought I found a 'best' friends something would happen or they'd move away or you know it just never worked out.  In looking back I had probably tried too hard to find one person instead of letting God direct my steps even as a child and young adult.  That being said today, I have two best friends!  These ladies will both be honor attendants at my wedding and will be the subject of this blog!

Meet Kayla:

Kayla, or Kay-Baby, as my family affectionately calls her, came in to my life in third grade.  Our parents ALWAYS tried to force us in to being friends (they, of course, deny this).  Kayla and I played on a softball team together and also attended the same church.  We came to know each other better as the only two girls who wouldn't bang the walls and chant 'David David David' at the really attractive pre-teen camp counselor one year at camp.  Did I mention that Kayla is married to that same attractive pre-teen camp counselor?  Anyways, it wasn't until Jr. High our friendship started to blossom.  Towards the end of high school Kayla and I had become really good friends and her and David spent almost every Friday at my house.  When I went to college I was fearful of how our relationship may change but I had failed to recognize that Kayla and I both served a gracious God who knew that we needed one another in our lives.  God has used Kayla to bless my life in more ways than I can even express.  It was such an honor to be a part of her wedding day 7 years ago and to be at the hospital when her first child, Ava Joy, was born.  Kayla is a strong woman, she laughs at the future, she enjoys the present, loves her God, her husband, her precious daughter, her amazing family, and even the Ahlstedts!  I'm not quite certain what I'd do without Kayla by my side.  She has offered me sanity when life gets crazy and a place to cry when life gets hard but more than this, she has always directed me back to the truth which is the living God!  (On a side note she is also slightly responsible for me becoming a 'blogger')

Meet Staci:

Staci and I didn't meet until my Junrior year of college, however, I had certainly heard of 'the' Staci Thrasher!  A mutual friend of ours, Stephen, had always talked about the greatness of 'the Thrash' in reference to Staci.  I was so intimidatied to meet her based on the level of awesomeness she had clearly attained.  To my delight Staci lived up to every bit of the awesomeness I had heard of and then some.  Staci and I pretty instantly became friends but it took us a while to become roommates.  One day while laughing about something I'm sure was ridiculous Staci asked if I'd like to be her roommate I said 'yes' completely unaware of the friendship that was to blossom.  I had not had a lot of luck with pleasant roommate experiences throughout college but man did I have a GREAT experience my senior year.  Staci became not only a great roommate, but also one of my best friends.  As she was experiencing the newness of grad school and meeting Robert, I was experiencing the uneasiness of preparing for life after college.  We were able to spur one another on and encourage one another throughout our time as roommatess.  I am blessed and honored to have Staci as one of my dearest friends in this life.  She has supported me, encouraged me, triumphed with me and laughed with me through many ups and downs of life.  Her wisdom, intellect, self-discipline, faith and  love has always inspired me.  Throughout our friendship, Staci has always reminded me of the value that exists within me. I was blessed beyond measure to be her Maid of Honor, or as we put it MOH, on her wedding day in June 2008.  I cannot imagine Staci not being by my side on this special day.

Chad has one honor attendant so ladies and gentlemen (if any ready this), meet Joey:

Chad and Joey are more like brothers as they've told me!  Joey has also become one of my dear friends and his wife, Ashley, will also be a bridesmaid in our wedding.  Chad is delighted and honored that Joey will be standing by his side on April 17, 2010!

I think that's all I've got today!  You guys should thank Tarrant County for not selecting me to jury duty because that is the reason I'm getting this post done! 


  1. Jalah,
    Your words have blessed me beyond measure this morning!! Oh how our friendship has had many interesting twists and turns throughout the years, but it has definilty evolved into something more beautiful than I ever imagined it would be. I can only give credit to the Lord for that. Our friendship means the world to me, and I do not know where I would be without you! Seriously I don't. Thanks for always loving me, being honest with me, laughing with me ( and at me at times!), and for the countless venting sessions we have shared together. You are a special woman, and I feel so honored to be in your life, watching and waiting to see how the Lord will use you and Chad in your marriage!
    Your KayBaby

  2. awe! i'm crying. you gals are so sweet. i've loved watching your amazing friendship over the years. such a beautiful picture of what it's all about.

    p.s. i'm so excited about this blog!!! i had no idea till just now:) so sweet of you to honor others and talk about those in your wedding that are special to you.....when most brides would want it to be all about them. you are so amazing!

  3. oh my my..u know i can't even see typin' tears r just rollin down my cheeks..u 2 girls' have been just precious in my heart..yes, me and ur mom have went thru some tear-jerker times with u 2 sweeties..i am so proud for u and chad and can't wait to be a part of ur special day april 17.. love to all.sandy..had to post under k-baby's. u need to open up an annoymous so i can post ..cause' I will comment most of the time. love sandy