Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That What Friends are For Part 2

As a continuation of this series of posts I will introduce two of Chad's groomsmen and one of my lovely ladies to get us up to date:

Meet David:

David is the 'attractive pre-teen camp counselor' mentioned in the previous post as well as Kayla's husband.  Although David has only known Chad a short while his friendship has become invaluable to him.  It wasn't long after Chad met David that he told me if we were to get married one day he would want David to be a groomsmen.  This, of course, warmed my heart immediately as David has been like a brother to me throughout much of my life.  David is steady and strong and full of great wisdom.  Did I also mention that David loves to talk?

Meet Jeremy:

Chad and Jeremy go way back and their parents homes are right around the corner from each other.  Jeremy has been a good friend to Chad and always offered a word of encouragement and his friendship without any expectations.  Jeremy is patient and kind and we are blessed that he will be a part of our wedding party in April!

Meet Jamielynn:

What can I say?  Jamielynn has been one of my dearest and best friends throughout much of my life.  When I was in a time of my life where things were uncertain and I felt unloved, Jamie loved me just as she does now.  She took me in under her wing and became more that Erick's girlfirend--she became my sister long before a ring went on her finger or a wedding was held.  Jamielynn taught me so much about God's love and how to love people at such a young age.  I don't think I could possibly describe the impact she has had on my life in this short blog post.  Jamielynn brought out in me a deep love I had for music and never discouraged me even when I couldn't sing on pitch to save my life.  We attended countless concerts includinmg trips to the The Door and celebrate freedom.  We share many memories and have many memories to make.  It was such a pleasure and honor to be a bridesmaid in Jamielynn's wedding 10 years ago and I am thrilled that she, too, will be standing with me on that day! 

In just writing these posts the last two days I've realized that I have been more blessed than I deserve.  God is so good to provide us with friends and family who display His love to us so eloquently!


  1. Love the sweet words about my wonderful husband!!! I have to agree with all of the pre-teen girls banging on the wall at camp, he is pretty cute!!! (while we were sitting there thinking ...he's so old!!) hahaha ..... I love that David and Chad have developed a friendship! I am so excited to see their friendship grow in the years to come.
    Love ya!
    ....i am totally into your blog...as you can see I am the only one commenting!...Don't give up girl ...always know their are people reading and not commenting!! ...I know I use to be one of these people and I still am at times...they are called blog stalkers!!

  2. gurl, you blog looks good! i love the background. super cute. we need to get a pic in that cute little frame up top:)

    yes, people will read, but they won't comment. funny! i'm not one of those. i like to comment and let people know i'm there and like what i see.

    thanks for sharing! such sweet words about my b-i-l David. he is a wonderful man!