Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That's What Friends are For Part 3

It's been a couple of weeks since an installment about our amazing wedding party!  We have four married couples in our wedding party and I'm excited that tonight I get to introduce two of them at the same time...

Meet Jamie Leighann:

Jamie Leighann came in to my life with a BANG!  It was summer of 2000--Jamie had just graduated high school and I had just joined The Oaks and was at my first youth camp.  I was shy and quiet (I know hard to imagine).  Jamie was my bunkmate and when I asked her to 'toss' me my bible she attempted to fake a toss which resulted in my bible flying from the cover and smacking me in the face.  Although Jamie apologized profusely I just laughed, it was, in the end, what brought me out of my shell.  Jamie and I also quickly bonded over the situation and became good friends.  When Zach saw her picture on the refrigerator at our house and told me he would marry her, I said 'I don't think so.'  I had no idea what God had intended for my life and Jamie's.  Jamie has become one of my very dearest friends.  She has brought much joy to my life and provided me with constant friendship and love over the last nearly 10 years of life.  I could not imagine Jamie Leigh Ann not being in my life and my family's life and I'm thankful for the way God orchestrates things together.  Jamie is now my family--I was honored to stand with her on her wedding day and will be more than blessed and honored to have her standing with me in April.  :)

I bet you can't guess which groomsman I'm about to introduce:

Meet Zachary (fyi I don't have a pic of him and Chad so I figured I'd use the one of me, Zach, and Erick from Zach's rehearsal dinner):

Zach is one of my amazing big brothers.  He use to pick on me like crazy in high school but is now one of my best buds.  He is married to the lovely woman I spke of above!  Zach and Chad have really hit it off and share a lot of interests such as golf!  Chad was, at one time, very intimidated by Zach but has made mention several times of how grateful he is to have a good relationship with my brother!  I'm also thankful for this relationship and look forward to seeing how our friendships will continue to grow!

On the next installment of That's What Friends are For:  Erick (oldest bro) and Abby!

Love to all, I hope you are all excited about the new year ahead, I know I am!!

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  1. I love this sweet couple too!!! Your so blessed to call them family!